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Of all the various activities participated in by visitors to Nepal, trekking is by far the most commonly undertaken. Nepal’s wealth of scenery, her diverse flora and fauna & her complex mix of culture make a perfect formula for traveling through the countryside on foot. It can take place in the most remote areas with only a few people or can be a “joint venture” shared with the locals, with plenty of teahouses and facilities along the way. There are suitable treks for the super-fit and for those who prefer a gentler and easier experience. The Himalayas are filled with treks for everyone!
Nepal Himalayas offers excellent trekking options to visitors from the easy walking excursions to the strenuous climb of the snowy peaks. The most rewarding way to experience Nepal's natural embellishment and cultural assortment is to walk through the length, breadth and the altitudes of the country. Trekking in Nepal is a big part of the great Himalayan adventure and a majority of tourists have trekking as a part of their itinerary.
Trekkers can walk along the rough but beautiful trails or virgin tracks in the lap of green and friendly looking hills or ridge of the mill and mountain. The rhododendron-filled, green, dark and deep forests with different seasonal flowers blossoming can catch anyone's eye as can the scattered residential cottages, domestic and forest animals, variety of birds, both Hindus and Buddhist temples, mountains, breath-taking landscape, and above all warm greeting from smiling local people.
Trekking is more enjoyable activities and offers spectacular scenic beauty. The Himalayan region, till now, has been comparatively less affected by the modern urban civilization with its industrial pollution, no traffic, no crowds, natural surrounding quite for holidays. The trekker usually returns home rejuvenated, and with new enthusiasm to take up the challenges of city life. Some areas consist of unexplored rivers, waterfalls, streams, mountain top lakes and flower filled valley bottoms. We are blessed to be a part of such a place, the 'land of Shangri-La', the 'Central Himalayas'. The wildlife, the rugged, unexplored mountains; the 'peace' of being in this remote, pristine environment cannot but inspire in each of our guests a sense of oneness with something this great. To stand in the sunshine under the blue skies, on the top of a mountain no one has ever stood on since the beginning of time is truly a wonder. We are small enough to be flexible and therefore are able to customize our trips to suit the special interests of our guests. Our Wilderness trekking tour Packages are designed to suit all degrees of expertise and the various levels of fitness and energy.
It is no more than walking along 4-6 hrs per day on the off the beaten track. Trekking and hiking in Nepal appeals to the people for different purposes. However, generally what trekking and hiking offers are the speculative views of the mountain ranges, rhythmic steps of your on-foot travel offers the ample opportunities to relish with nature. Walking beneath the shadow of the great Himalayas is really enthralling and captivating as you switch up through grand canyons, gorgeous waterfall, rumbling river, rustling trees, whispering shrubs and whistling breeze. Above all the colorful communities of mountain inhabitants and their opened-arm welcoming nature, who loves the laughter and peace of others, add the right amount of salt to your delicious trip. Trek on ponies in some remote places, which is equally enthralling for visitors. Pony treks follow nearly the same routes and are offered mostly in western region of Pokhara, Dolpo, Jomsom and Lo Manthang (Upper-Mustang).

Trekking Categories

1. Camping Treks (Organized Treks):
This is classic style of trekking known as camping- tent base accommodation. Well-trained cooks will prepare hot meals & porters will carry your gear, equipments, food and Sherpa to set up tents.
2. Tea House Treks:
These types of treks are the most common choice; also known as Teahouse or lodge base trekking. This trek includes food and accommodation in best available tea-houses (lodges) en-route; here the porters carry the client's gear only. Our experience trekking guides with assistances (if group size is bigger) will taking care the client one the daytime with giving you a lot of information in different subject. We sleep in the available lodges on the trails and eat hot meals according to the lodge menu. Now a day’s most of the tea house/lodge can get western food in low region area.
3. Economy (Budget Lodge Treks/ Guide and Porters Hiring):
This category of trek known as budget treks, Company will provide you guide and necessary porters. Clients have to pay daily wages for guide and the porters. Clients will have to pay directly by themselves for their meals and accommodation. The cost of hiring only a guide or a porter depends upon the trekking area, length of trek and also the size of the group. The transportation charge for the guide or porters will have to be paid by the clients.
Trekking Programs we operate:

Name of Trekking Programs

For trekking in different places,  Please writes us: aroma@fewanet.com.np